SEO business opportunities in Singapore, Japan, and Australia

The main challenge of any digital project is to stand out among the massive competition that exists on the Internet these days. Especially in the case of e-commerce, where factors like CTR, ROI, and conversion become absolutely essential. This turns into a challenging task if you do not have enough time or the necessary mechanisms […]

CONTENTS | Wimbledon Tournament in Florida: Point, SEO and Match

SEO Analysis for Wimbledon 2022 tournament in Florida

That SEO opportunities arise and you must know how to capitalize on them is a statement that no longer needs to be explained in order to understand the significance of good organic positioning. Use of events that, due to their temporary nature, do not have a long duration but generate large amounts of searches in […]

Interamplify Self Service Guide: link building platform for agencies

The Self Service Link Building Platform for Agencies

One thing is certain: if you’ve made it this far, you’re a link building agency with an insatiable appetite for your link building strategies. Manual work becomes tedious and time-consuming, especially when you have a large number of clients, internationalizing their projects, or when you need to extract detailed reports of all your campaigns, which […]

What Stranger Things has taught us about Search Intent SEO

Stranger Things and Search Intent blog post

The Californian streaming service has done it yet again. Stranger Things, the current Netflix series, has broken the record for multinational visualizations. It only took a week after the premiere of its final chapters for the results to pour in, unleashing the frenzy on Google. If you are one of those stragglers who haven’t seen […]

The OnlyFans phenomenon: +3700% searches in the last 5 years

Onlyfans phenomenon in usa case study from interamplify

OnlyFans recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. Its success has been in crescendo since its launch took place on July 1, 2016 by operator Fenix International Limited. The magnitude of its reception has been such that, as happens to any product that succeeds and its use expands globally, it has been the target of business admiration […]

Don’t get stuck on 404! + an example from Uruguay

What is error 404 and an example from Uruguay

You are familiar with 404 errors because you have stumbled upon them countless times while searching for pages on Google or because they have made an appearance on your website at some point. No, they do not appear by magic; they always have a reason and must be corrected so that the site’s reputation with […]

Case Study: +267% traffic in UK gardening e-commerce!

Case study traffic in UK gardening ecommerce

One of the most frustrating aspects of SEO is seeing how organic traffic fails to take off or stagnates at some point in a project’s trajectory. If, despite your efforts, you have experienced this sensation, do not be concerned; it is a common problem with a solution. This time, we’ll show you how we increased […]

9 SEO Mistakes to avoid when expanding your business internationally

Seo Mistakes to avoid when expanding your business internationally

Internationalizing a brand unquestionably opens up a world of new business opportunities. However, it is also true that in their attempt to attract millions of consumers, many projects can fall victim to despair and impatience, resulting in their objectives being frustrated. This occurs as a result of the incorrect planning and execution of the tasks […]

How to improve the EAT of an international website

How to improve eat on international seo projects

The Google Medical Update, an algorithm update that shook the SEO of millions of websites around the world, went unnoticed. After the initial panic among authors subsided, it was time to meet the conditions that Google implemented to score web pages and position them in users’ search results.The EAT, an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and […]

What exactly is CTR in SEO, and why is it so crucial?

click trough rate why is important in SEO

Everything starts with a click. Have you ever thought about what happens next, after visitors arrive at a website? Even though the Google search landscape is rapidly changing right now, click rate (CTR) has a significant impact on the outcome of your work as it indicates how many people clicked on each position as a […]