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The Californian streaming service has done it yet again. Stranger Things, the current Netflix series, has broken the record for multinational visualizations. It only took a week after the premiere of its final chapters for the results to pour in, unleashing the frenzy on Google.

If you are one of those stragglers who haven’t seen the last season of this series yet, don’t worry, this article is spoiler-free! Continue reading until the end because we will only explain how we perform SEO analysis of users’ search interests. Don’t miss out on a trend that is the talk of any social gathering.

Stranger Things, trending topic on & off Twitter

The bluebird platform is an expert at identifying trending topics. Stranger Things’ official Twitter profile has experienced a flood of reactions, memes, and content following the premiere of the two parts of season 4 of the show. And it’s no surprise that fans have been waiting for a new season of the show since 2019.

We became intrigued after a conversation centered on a tweet about a scene in the series (don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough!). We were curious about how this product performed on Google. So we got to work and began investigating the situation. Continue reading to learn about the most amazing data.

A real trend in just one week

Stranger Things Season 4 has concluded. Although the new episode premiered in May, Netflix has scheduled the final two chapters for July 1, 2022. In just one week, it broke viewing records, became the most watched series, and surpassed others such as The Bridgertons, according to the platform.

The series’ fandom gathers in front of the TV, tablet, or mobile device and only needs about four hours to devour and dismember the predictable ending. But, as is always the case, something we like sparks our curiosity. And this specific case was not going to be an exception..
A glance at Google Trends is enough to understand how in one week searches have skyrocketed around this topic.

Stranger Things Google Trends Chart Worlwide
Search Term Chart: Stranger Things on Google Trends

What we find far more intriguing in Interamplify is the search interest related to this query.

In terms of SEO, the scene in the series that led us here did not disappoint. Take note of the increase in searches for the heavy metal band Metallica.

There is simply a reason for this, which we will explain below.

Related topics Chart: Metallica on Google Trends

Stranger Things’ most epic scene also “plays” on Google

Whether or not you saw the last season, which starred a group of Hawkins teenagers, a scene from it has gone viral on social media and is now part of popular culture. Eddie, the series’ metalhead par excellence, performs Metallica’s iconic Master of Puppets on the 36th anniversary of its release.
Don’t be surprised; critics are already calling it historic, and the artists have responded on Instagram:

As you might expect, the millennial generation, who have grown up in this era, got goosebumps at this point. But it is not only us who have been surprised; new generations appear to have discovered the musical panacea. We don’t say it, but Google does, based on data from searches for this song. Consider the search peaks for this term during the first week of Stranger Things vol. 4’s release:

Master of Puppets on Google Trends

Such has been the hype around the actor (Joseph Quinn) playing the Master of Puppets theme, that the display of queries leaves us with some very significant ones

Related queries from Google Trends’ search about Stranger Things

Analyzing user search intent is a critical component of any SEO strategy. Users’ queries to search engines are becoming increasingly specific. Take note of how, in the case under consideration, they want to know whether Joseph Quinn truly plays Master of Puppets, for example. Long gone are the searches in which a keyword was entered; it is time to give Long Tail keywords the importance they deserve.

Why is Search Intent crucial for your international SEO strategy?

Search intent describes what a user expects to find on your website when he enters a query into a search engine like Google. They don’t just type a word into the search box; they expect to find an answer to a question, a desire, or a need. The important thing to remember is that search intent is addressed with high-quality, original content that provides relevant information to the content consumer.

If you want to internationalize your project, keep in mind that this factor varies by country, as the socio-cultural and idiomatic characteristics of each territory influence how consumers make Internet requests.
If a user wants to buy an electric car, they will first look for information like “compare the best electric cars” or “why buy an electric car,” but they will never look for “where to buy an electric car in Lisbon” or “cheap electric cars in Milan.” Responding accurately to the user’s needs will ensure that they click on your link, increasing the CTR and boosting your page’s ranking on Google.
As a result, it is critical to identify which informational and transactional searches affect your niche and which of your URLs can respond to each of these requests.

Optimize content for search intent

As we always advise, the ideal scenario is to begin with keyword research, just as we do at Interamplify, to thoroughly research which long tail words our clients are most interested in and boost each page.
Don’t just target top keywords, or you’ll waste valuable, targeted traffic opportunities, as Eddie did with Stranger Things.

Keep in mind what stage of the funnel customers are in when they make each type of query. Remember that knowing why one car is superior to another is not the same as knowing where to buy the best car. Your content has to be aligned with the search intent.

As previously stated, it is essential that you define the intent of your URLs:

1.They are informational if they provide an answer to the user’s informative query. Remember that the visitor is looking for information. He does not want to buy or acquire a service or product at this time. Here are some examples that we can use on our website:

  • Who is the CEO of Interamplify?
  • Where are Interamplify’s offices located?
  • What exactly is Self-service?

2.They are navigational if the user knows exactly where he or she wants to go but prefers to use the browser rather than the navigation bar. As an example:

  • Interamplify
  • Interamplify´s Linkedin profile
  • Interamplify´s Blog

3.And it is transactional when the user wishes to buy a product or schedule a service. They are at a very advanced stage of the funnel. For example:
Interamplify´s prices for managed SEO services

  • Self Service Platform
  • Register

The following step is to optimize the content based on the analysis you performed on your various URLs. These are our tips and this is how we do it every day:

  • Focus the intent of your content so that the search engine response is more accurate.
  • Create high-quality content that is search engine optimized.
  • Make sure that the new content answers questions and attracts your consumers and potential clients.
  • Develop a content strategy focused on the main keyword and reinforced by related keywords.
  • Long Tail keywords will bring you more traffic, less competition, and great opportunities to grow your business.
  • Update the website’s current content.

Stranger Things and Search Intent Highlights

It is nothing new for Google to strive to improve its users’ experiences. If it returns results that cause consumers to linger, browse, and eventually complete a transaction, it means that the search engine has completely solved their query and satisfied the initial search intent that drove them to use the browser.

This simple reason is what allows Google to place some content on the first pages while relegating others to the second and third pages.

If a Stranger Things fan wonders if Joseph Quinn can really play Master of Puppets and it’s not an act, he’ll expect to find a page that answers a specific question. He’s not expecting to find information about where to buy a Star Wars t-shirt, is he?

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