I think all of us who work on the Internet agree on one thing: making a link building strategy and carrying it out is the most tedious thing to do to improve your online positioning.

And also the most useful.

But it’s definitely very, very tedious.

In fact, it is so much work if you have to do it by yourself than when you have a project on the Internet, and you realize everything you have to do to improve your online visibility (blogging, content marketing, content strategy, ads, retargeting, email marketing, social media,  on page SEO,  off-page SEO , partnerships …), you ask yourself:

With everything I have to do to get my project off the ground, can I afford to waste so much time looking for links?

Well, the answer is that not only must you allow it, but you should be putting all your attention or hiring someone to do it for you, because:

  1. Link building is the best way you have to improve your positioning in Google. That’s how it is.
  2. It won’t disappear or stop working soon.
  3. Creating links allows you to increase the exposure of your brand.
  4. Getting links helps you create and foster new relationships.
  5. Link building comes hand-in-hand with other marketing activities

But let’s start from the beginning:

Link building is the best way you have to improve your positioning

Links are still the core of Google’s search algorithm.

Recently, Moz published an article where they made it clear that this was the case.

The heavy part of the post is that for the first time what mattered most was not the number of links pointing to your website, but the authority of the pages that did.

This means that quality is valued more than the quantity of links pointing to your website.

In other words, Google is rewarding websites that offer such relevant and optimal content that other quality websites link them as sources of information for other quality content.

That is, imagine that someone reads this article about link building and is writing about positioning factors; you might want to include a link to this post in case your readers are interested in learning more about the importance of link building in 2020.

In conclusion, authority is being created for the pages that really deserve it: most of the links that are currently placed cite good sources; Google has realized this and that’s why it begins to reward the quality of the links

2. Link Building is NOT going to disappear or stop working soon.

In all these years we have seen how several algorithms have changed, how they have modified the importance of keyword density, subdomains, search intention, transactional keywords…

Everything, absolutely everything that has to do with SEO is entirely different from a few years ago. Everything except the power of links, which does not vary.

This has also been demonstrated by this study on Google’s positioning factors in 2019, in which more than 1500 professional SEOs have been asked to determine what they thought was the most important factor, and where only ahead of the link building is the content strategy.

Link building, therefore, not only will not disappear soon but is one of the most important factors to position a website.

3. Creating links allows you to increase the exposure of your brand.

Do links only serve to be in the top positions?


We have already talked about the impact of links on positioning, but what about the impact of these on the exposure of your brand?

1. Attracting new customers.

A link from a website with a lot of visits can lead to a big increase in the traffic of your project. If it’s a relevant website for your niche, it’s likely that the traffic it brings you is also relevant and could lead to an increase in sales.

And with that link that attracts visitors and a big increase in sales, we find too:

2. Increase in brand exposure 

A good link can be the best communication strategy for your brand, it can help you to be seen as an authority in your niche. There are some link creation techniques, such as content creation (that’s why it appears in the first position in the ranking of positioning factors, just before link building).

Imagine you have a tourism company – you create a unique piece of content based on industry data, you publish it and it becomes viral. This would allow you to become known in your market, to position yourself as an expert and get, through the links, authority for your brand.

4. Getting links helps you create and boost new relationships

Frequently, Link Building is that little impulse we need to present our project to other relevant websites and blogs in the industry.


Because many strategies count on contacting other influential people in our niche to ask for help with some content we have just created or for the promotion of a post that could also be interesting for their audience as, for example, nice infographics.

In fact, most of the time these contacts end up becoming great friendships that open many doors to media, talks, and events related to your niche.

5. Link building comes hand-in-hand with other marketing activities

“Content is the King” used to be repeated a few years ago.

Maybe at that time, it was true, there was almost no one creating articles in 2008, so creating posts used to come hand-in-hand with receiving links and traffic in a relatively easy way: you were the only one doing it so it was normal to attract attention.

But now we are in the year 2019, every minute 4.5 million videos are watched on YouTube, more than 80,000 tweets are written, more than 500 websites and 347 blogs are registered in WordPress alone. Every. Minute.

Crazy, isn’t it?

That’s precisely why we say that link building comes from the hand of other marketing activities.

Content is only King if it is accompanied by a differentiating factor and a good content strategy that, with the help of the link building, makes thousands of readers and potential buyers reach you.

Don’t have time to make a good link building strategy? Externalize it.

If you have a business and you don’t have time to create a good link building strategy, don’t let that make you stop.

In Interamplify we are experts in the creation of natural links, we connect you with journalists, bloggers and influencers strategically located in high-quality real media with real traffic to position you as an expert in your niche.

Let us know what you need here. We have your back.

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