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Probably, you already know that we are the only international SEO platform that provides advanced solutions to help global brands to grow in any country. But what you don’t know yet is who is making all this possible. We are certain we are people you’ll like working with. Youth, experience, creativity and commitment define us. And be sure our first priority will be you.

From the moment Interamplify was born in 2012, we have overcome the challenge of leading our clients to success in many different countries and markets, and we have built a solid network of connections around the world to make it happen. Ours is a history of work and searching for new and proven solutions, keeping in mind what matters most to us: our clients’ aims and needs.


These are the profiles of customers we work alongside to help them grow worldwide:



If your company operates in different countries and you are interested in growing your brand in various markets, we are what you were looking for.  

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Agencies With
International Clients

If you are an agency and work for customers who have interests in different markets and countries, you have found the right team to help you save time.

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Personal Brands

Do you need to take care of your personal brand and maintain a perfect positioning in various countries? We provide the services that suit you.


This is the team behind our international SEO platform. Let us introduce ourselves!

Javier Gázquez

Chief Execute Officer (CEO)
& Founder
Javier is a digital marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. Creative and restless by nature, he wants to let the whole world know his business philosophy. When you meet him, you will want to be part of the project too!

Álex Navarro

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Our CMO is one of the most recognized SEO consultants in the Spanish- speaking world. He is one of those people who connects with everyone wherever he goes. He would go for a drink even with the bosses of Google!

Nelly Garkova

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
& International SEO
Nelly coordinates all our projects. She is a key figure in our internationalization, and knows how to tame the metrics so that each plan meets its objectives.

Santos Belchí

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Santos is responsible for making sure that everything runs according to plan, and even if the numbers are raining down on him, there is no account he can’t handle.

Carmen Moreno

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

A perfectionist and detail-oriented, Carmen is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing Interamplify’s communication strategies worldwide.

Dani Martín

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dani is our Chief Technology Officer. He spends his days surrounded by code and is able to handle and indoctrinate zeros and ones like nobody else.

Manu Ayllón

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Manuel is in charge of all our strategic communications. He is in constant contact with the whole team, and grows the company’s relationships day by day.

Teresa Carrillo

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Teresa is in charge of organizing and implementing our communications strategies. No detail escapes her, and she always makes sure that all processes run smoothly.

Javier Torralba

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Javi, one of the first ones to join the team, is a crack in the digital world and is in charge of everything related to Interamplify’s financial planning and management.

Jose Alonso

Chief Design Officer (CDO)
& IT Manager

Jose is the Chief Designer Officer at Interamplify, a wizard of websites and composition who is also passionate about stylistic retouching and concept art.

Emilio Berenguer

Co-Head of SEO

Emilio is our Co-Head of SEO. He plans and builds our SEO projects, and arranges everything perfectly so that the metrics go exactly as planned.

Luis Duato

Co-Head of SEO

Our International Co-Head of SEO is a master of everything to do with positioning, niches and link building. There is no metric or SERP he can’t unravel.

Darío Marqués

International SEO Consultant

Darío is one of our strategists, especially for the US market. He is always researching and doesn’t stop until he gets any project off the ground.

Diego Méndez

International SEO Consultant

Diego is one of our International SEO Consultants, and he is very restless. He is always learning, as well as looking for new ways to automate tasks and optimize his work.

Jose Juan Moñino

SEO Consultant

José Juan is a self-confessed SEO lover. He knows all its ins and outs, and with him, there is no technique or strategy that can be penalized by the algorithm.

Juan miguel Crespo

SEO Consultant

Juanmi is one of our SEO experts, and he knows how to coordinate link building, organic traffic and all SEO parameters in the best direction.

Juan C. Andreo

Data Analyst

Juan Carlos is our number one in Data Analytics. Always attentive to every detail, he is a lynx with data, metrics, and analytics of all kinds.

Paco Peña

CO-Head of SEO Off-Page
& Japan Country Manager

Paco Peña is in charge of coordinating our Off-Page SEO team, as well as our relationships in Japan and other countries. With him, the metrics will be exactly those that are needed.

José M. Alajarín

CO-Head of SEO Off-Page
& Germany Country Manager

José María is, together with Paco, our coordinator of Off-Page SEO, as well as of the activity developed in different countries, especially in Germany.

Alfonso Gázquez

SEO Off-Page Specialist

Alfonso is responsible for our activity and connections in Russia. With his management, he analyses and adjusts each campaign to bring our clients to the top of the SERPs.

Ana Belchí

SEO Off-Page Specialist
Spain & LATAM

Sociable and funny by nature, Ana implements our activity in Spain and Latin America. One conversation with her, and her spark will win you forever.

Ignacio Sevilla

SEO Off-Page Specialist

Ignacio is in charge of our relations in the Latin American market. We don’t know what magic he uses, but he manages to have more and more contacts in his pocket.

Paula Ruipérez

SEO Off-Page Specialist

Paula develops our activity in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. She is sociable and committed, and when she undertakes a project, she makes sure it is carried out to perfection.

David Martínez

SEO Off-Page Specialist

David is one of our SEO-Off Page specialists. He is our expert in making connections and developing projects in Italy, as well as in Austria and Germany.

David Alarcon

SEO Off-Page Specialist
Finland, Norway, Denmark & Sweden

David is our expert in deploying our projects in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Nobody knows his way around the Nordic countries better than he does.

Farah Shaqadan

SEO Off-Page Specialist

Farah is our specialist for the USA, as well as other countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, and Finland. Outgoing and detail-oriented, she has what it takes to make any project a success.

Axel Martínez

SEO Off-Page Specialist

Axel is our expert in relations and project development in France and French-speaking countries as well. For him, the ‘Hexagon’ has no secrets.

Lian Delgado

SEO Off-Page Specialist
USA & Russia

Lian Delgado is our project expert for both the USA and Russia. She is a perfectionist, committed to her work, and a great lover of languages. 

Carmen García

Brand Copywriter

Content is always king and, to make it so at Interamplify, Carmen is in charge of putting our brand into words.

Marina Serna

International Content Manager

Marina is one of our Content Managers. She knows how to conduct the words in any project to achieve flawless texts that you will love.

Guille Ortiz

International Content Manager

Guille is responsible for the content strategies. He knows how to captivate both Google and people, and how to manage backlinks that others would consider impossible.

Ana Cárceles

International Content Manager

In addition to being an expert in data analytics, Ana is in charge of content management. When they pass through her hands, the texts end up winning the audience’s hearts.

Jorge Aledo

Brand Videomaker

Jorge, in addition to being an accomplished gamer, is a true video marketing artist who stands out for his creative and strategic vision.  

Adrian Carballo

UI/UX Designer

Adrian, our user experience and interface design professional, is in charge of leaving everything perfectly arranged and tidy.

Luis Mustelier

Graphic Designer

Luis is one of our graphic designers. Image retouching, composition and branding are his specialties, and of course, so it is creativity.

Ernesto Redonet

Head of Development

Ernesto is our Head of Development. Programming has no secrets for him, and he is in charge of coordinating and implementing all our systems.

Gustavo Moya

Full Stack Developer

As part of the Programming Team, Gustavo implements the functions of our platforms and shapes our codes to make them excel. 

Lázaro Estrada

Full Stack Developer

Lázaro is constantly moving between codes. Together with the Programming Team, he is in charge of implementing our IT systems.

Luis E. Ballegas

Full Stack Developer

Luis Enrique, one of our Full Stack Developers, makes and unmakes our codes so that our systems are always ready.

Osvaldo González

Full Stack Developer

Osvaldo is one of our Full Stack Developers. He is in charge of implementing our technology and making sure everything works perfectly.

Yoandry Rizo

Full Stack Developer

Yoandry is part of our Programming Team. He develops the codes and functionalities of our panels and is aware of all their details.

Our Values

This is what makes us different

What is so special about Interamplify? If we have to describe ourselves in just four words, we will say we are:



We are a global platform. We know how to adapt to the particularities of any market you have interests in and work to make you grow in any country. Our international network of contacts allows us to do so

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We use our own software, dashboards, and tools to implement your global strategies. Besides, we have an in-house SEO Lab to develop creative techniques and boost your rankings

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We ensure quality. We combine a large experience working as a global solution for brands with the commitment of a team who will be totally aligned with your aims. A first-rate portfolio of completed assignments backs us.

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We do care about your privacy. We keep our services private both during and after work so that you can have your strategies implemented with all guarantees.  With our platform, all your strategic actions will be confidential.

And this is why you’ll love working with us

You will be as glad to meet us as we are to meet you!


We are a millennial team that enters the world of international SEO with freshness, new points of view, and enthusiasm for our work.


Who said that youth is at odds with experience? We are backed by a decade of experience and a long history of overcome challenges.


Rest assured that we will only succeed if you do. From the moment you tell us what your objectives are, they become our aims too.


We are sure that, in the changing world of SEO, creativity is essential to come up with the best solutions, and that’s what we do every day.


Our team is larger than what meets the eye. We count on native connections in more than 150 countries and 36 languages –professionals and partners from many different fields who make it possible that our advanced strategies are implemented around the world.

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Discover some of our success stories and know a bit more about our work:

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