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Google has proved us right

Backlinks with traffic position more effectively

Google has just confirmed it: from May 2021, the page experience will have more relevance when positioning content.

It has done so in a new statement released this Tuesday, November 10. In it, Google emphasized again that the user experience will be key in positioning content and that the so-called page experience signals will have increasing importance for its ranking.

This, of course, has repercussions in the world of link building.

Having other sites pointing to our URL is no longer enough. Our links need to generate visits and interactions for Google to receive the right signals. In this way, the search engine will be able to detect that our content is capturing users’ attention, adding value to them, and is therefore relevant.

This is not the first time Google has announced this change of direction. In fact, Google already highlighted it in a release last May. As you can read in Neil Patel’s article analyzing this previous update, the adjustments that need to be made to websites are entirely focused on achieving a better user experience.

Google has also been noticing this vocation towards the user in some of its patents:

In its patent for the modification of search results based on implicit user recommendations, launched in 2019, it already stated that the links that received the most clicks from users would rank better.

And this is because, ultimately, it is the user who decides which links are relevant, and Google takes note of which ones respond appropriately to their interests.

Previously, in the Query Augmentation’s 2018 patent, it also appeared that the search engine uses click logs to detect which user searches work best.

Click-through rates (CTR) and metrics related to users’ reactions to links in their searches were, therefore, already critical to Google.

Another patent published years earlier, in 2016, also referred to measuring user reactions to different results. It indicated that the links that received the most clicks would get a higher ranking.

In a nutshell: For some time now, Google has been measuring the user’s preferences when choosing each page and interacting with it to determine if it is useful, attractive and intuitive, and is taking this parameter into account when ranking content.

If this is already conditioning the positioning, the new features that Google brings will fully affect the link building scenario.

The New Release from Google

In its new release, Google goes one step further. The page experience signals that are already part of its metrics will be expanded even further and implemented in May 2021.

With this decision, Google reaffirms the importance of this parameter and marks the path of SEO in the coming years.

What signals are we talking about exactly?

The page experience signals that Google will measure and combine those it has already been using for its ranking (mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS security, intrusive interstitial guidelines…) with the Core Web Vitals, which include three elements:

  1. Loading: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  2. Interactivity: First Input Delay (FIC)
  3. Visual Stability: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

These signs will be so important that Google is already planning to implement a visual indicator on its results page that will highlight the pages that show a user experience in accordance with the marked parameters.

What does this mean?

That when it comes to link building strategies, quality links to content are not enough.

To be positioned, URLs need organic visits, traffic and interaction, which show that the page is satisfactory for the user and attractive for the audience.

A New Scenario for the World of Link building

Link building is changing, and the strategies for obtaining backlinks have to be in line with its new framework.

When Google announced that it would take into account the page experience months ago, it detected a 70% increase in the number of users using different tools to measure the new parameter and detect opportunities for improvement.

Given this new release from Google, it is vital to react to find solutions and be prepared.

Fortunately, we already are.

It’s clear that Google has spoken, but it’s not just now. As we have seen, it has been giving clues for some time now that quality traffic helps SEO, and we have been listening to it since our beginnings.

All the links and content that we get in our link building strategies worldwide have 100% guaranteed traffic. And that’s something we’ve considered essential from the very beginning.

As experts in link building services, we have a complete section of BACKLINK TRAFFIC. This system allows us to promote SEO not only from the link of the content but also from the traffic that those links receive.

This is the result:

Our links have traffic that behaves organically and perfectly on the web to launch signals to Google so that the search engine takes them into account in its ranking.

A plus in SEO quality that, if it was already essential, will be even more so in the coming months.

The Google release opens a new scenario in the world of link building where we have been working for more than two years.

How do we do it?                 

Our method of backlink traffic is 100% private and penalty-free.

We work in three phases:

  1. Insertion of backlinks

We place attractive and relevant content that includes a natural link to the web to be treated in the prestigious sites that best suit the needs of each case.

We make this possible thanks to our global network of journalists, bloggers and editors, with original content in up to 36 languages and over 200 countries.

  1. Traffic generation

Our unique system creates a private command to generate traffic and interaction with the content through our worldwide network of partners.

  1. Execution of the clicks

Clicks on the links direct traffic to the web, which Google perceives as totally natural and organic.

You have to be one step ahead

We are prepared for changes because we are ahead of them.

What is our secret?

Besides being attentive to the signals sent by Google and all its patents from the beginning, we have something else: our SEO Lab.

The SEO Lab

We know that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and that SEO is continually evolving.

That’s why we have professionals dedicated to checking first-hand what works and what doesn’t. We don’t wait for others to tell us what workswe find out for ourselves.

In our laboratory, we carry out all kinds of tests, on and off-page, to understand how the Google algorithm works at all times, follow its behavior closely, and find the best solution.

To do this, we have our CMO, Álex Navarro, known for his creativity in the sector, as well as the help of the thousands of contacts we have all over the world – as you could see in our previos study of International Link Building.

We have been prepared for the latest changes in Google and will continue to be ready for the next ones.

Do you want to be prepared too? We can work together

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