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The process is very simple. You have never been so close from the backlink you were looking for!

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All you have to do to get started is registering! Just sign up, and our team will verify your account. Once we have everything ready, we will notify you, and you will have access to our services immediately from your dashboard.
2. Start using our Services
Create files to place orders for each of your customers, and have your campaigns organized as you prefer.
Check our self-service and pick the digital media that best suits your requirements choosing countries, metrics and themes.
Specify the posts you need to publish and have them written by content creators from our worldwide network.
Get your content published on the websites requested and earn new quality backlinks for your link building campaigns.
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Tell us on which media you need to publish in any country, and our team will work to add them to our database.
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3. Keep Track of Everything
Once you have placed your orders, you will be able to monitor the status of your publications, as well as manage new campaigns and consult all the data, histories, and metrics about your content, either published or in progress. You will have all you need in one single platform!
4. Check Your Results
Don’t worry about results monitoring! You will be able to download monthly reports whenever you need, as well as filter their data by client and country, amongst other parameters, to control your link building actions and campaigns at all times.

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Do you still have doubts?

Interamplify’s Self-Service for agencies is a platform designed specifically for the needs of agencies that have clients in different countries and need to carry out link building actions at an international level. On the platform, you can order content on websites in any country, follow the results, and access exclusive services, such as our Backlink Traffic campaigns.

Of course, they are! Posting natural backlinks in quality content is one of the safest link building practices. All the websites we offer are real media, and our content is optimized for both the search engine and the user.

In our platform, you can find both dofollow and nofollow links, so you can use the ones you need for your link building strategy. However, if you want your self-service to show only those media that offer dofollow links, you can set the option in the search filters. This way, all the links you’ll see will be of this type.

The content is written by our extensive network of journalists, publishers, and content creators around the world, who are able to produce high quality articles in over 35 languages. They write the content in such a way that it meets your requirements perfectly, and it is both completely SEO optimized and adapted to the website where it will be published.
In some cases, though, the media will provide the content according to your briefing if their internal policy requires it.

All the backlinks we get for you will be active for at least one year.

The guarantee is one year, and the articles will remain published for at least that time. However, if a post is deleted, we will manage the relocation of the content or any other solution adapted to the specific case immediately.

Of course. Every time you order a publication, you will have to select for which client it is, the length of the article, the destination URL of the backlink… as well as the anchor text you want to use to insert the link within the content.

Yes, you can approve any content before publishing as long as you request it in your order. To do so, you can specify it in the Comments section of the window that opens when you add a publication to the Cart.

If you are interested in having some extra guaranteed traffic for your backlinks to boost their ranking, you can take a look at our Backlink Traffic service and hire specific campaigns for the links you get on the platform. This will give your link building a higher SEO quality, as well as better positions in the SERPs.

In addition to the self-service, where you can choose on which websites to publish directly, the platform offers other services, such as outreach on demand, where we manage the publication in media that are not available in our database; impossible links, where we offer you high authority backlinks, or our backlink traffic campaigns, where your links can get a plus of guaranteed traffic to boost their ranking.

Each post takes a maximum of 7 days to be written –15 days for international media, and another 7 days at most to be published –15 days for international media. In case the website has a closed editorial calendar, the publication will take place on the dates available.

Of course. You have access to all the data in the different panels of your Dashboard.
You can download monthly reports and consult all the orders you make for each costumer, as well as having an overview of your campaigns, both as a whole and filtered by client.

As our service is international, we use a system where prices are marked in a certain number of credits. You will only have to add balance to your account wallet in any currency to obtain the credits you need and to make your purchases within the platform in a comfortable and simple way.

If you have further questions, please write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you!