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If you are an agency with international clients, now you can take their link building to the next level and implement strategies in any country you need, with the metrics and content you need. Organize your campaigns as you prefer, and choose in which websites you want to publish. We take care of the rest! 

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At Interamplify, we have everything you need to get your clients’ link building off the ground and make it easier than ever. With our team, our platform, and worldwide connections, we will make the impossible become possible.


Yes, of course they are! In fact, posting natural links in high-quality content is one of the safest link building practices. All the websites offered in our Self-Service are real, quality media, and the articles including the links are optimized for the search engine and the user alike.

In our platform, you can find both do-follow and no-follow links, in such a way that you can choose those you need to use in your link building strategy. Nevertheless, if you want your Self-Service to show only the media publishing do-follow or no-follow links, you can set the option in your panel’s search filters. In this way, all the links you’ll see will be of the type you prefer.

Of course! If you want to increase your income and make the most out of your sites, just register as Publisher. As part of our database, you will be able to receive publication requests from customers from around the world.

All the links and content you get through our Self-Service will be active for a minimum of a year.

All the links and content you get through our Self-Service will be active for a minimum of a year.

Content is produced by the native authors from our worldwide network of contacts –journalists, bloggers, and content creators who writes high-quality articles in 36 languages. With them, the articles you order will perfectly meet your requirements, will be SEO-optimized, and will adapt to the website on which they will be published. It is possible that, in some cases, it is the media that assume the writing of the content requested. In any event, your content will be produced according to your guidelines and requirements.

Each article requested takes a maximum of 7 days to be written –15 days in the case of international media, and another 7 days at most to be released –15 days for international media. In the event a website has a specific editorial calendar, the publication will take place on the dates available.

Sure. When you order a publication, you have to select the length of the article, the destination URL of the link, and other specifications. One of them is the anchor text you want to use for your links, in such a way that you can indicate the exact words to use, along with the context in which the link should be naturally introduced in the content.

Yes, you can approve the content before publishing as long as you specify it when placing your order. To do so, just include it in the Comments section of the window that opens when adding a new order to your Cart, and you will be able to review the content you request.

Yes, if you are interested in having extra guaranteed traffic for your links and boost their rankings this way, you can take a look at our Backlink Traffic service. With it, you will be able to hire specific campaigns for the links you obtain through the platform, which will provide your links with a higher SEO quality and will make them achieve better positions in the SERPs.

Besides the self-service, on which panel you will have access to thousands of media where to publish directly, the platform contains other extra services, such us impossible links, where we offer you high-authority websites where to publish; outreach on demand, to request publications in media that are not yet available in our database; or our Backlink Traffic campaigns. Thanks to this latter service, your links will gain a plus of quality traffic to enhance their rankings.

Of course. On your platform panels, you will have access to all the data. You can check the data about the links obtained in your History section, where you will have an overview of your campaigns. Besides, you will have monthly reports on your results available, and you will be able to download and consult them at any time.

On our platform, we mark our prices with a certain number of credits. This is because our service is international, and this system allows us to accept payment in any currency. You will only have to add balance to your account in the currency you usually use. In that way, you will obtain the credits you need, and will be able to make your purchases on the platform in an easier and more comfortable way.

If you have further questions or concerns about our Self-Service, please write to us at We will be happy to assist you in whatever you need to!