Can a website influence its CTR on the SERP?

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Write attractive, effective and eye-catching meta-titles

We miss out on a great opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors when we write titles that are simply a strict compilation of the KWs we want to position. To tip the balance in your favor, it is critical to break the homogeneity of titles, especially in highly competitive SERPs.

For example, saying “How to lose weight easily” is not the same as saying “How to lose weight with methods that actually work.” In the second assumption, we indirectly encourage the user to click on our result by implying that all of the methods we suggest have been tested and produce results.

In any case, remember to be sincere and honest with the promise made in the title. There is no worse signal for Google than frustrated users who are unable to find content that fulfills the promise they clicked on. If we are too sensationalist or insincere, the user will quickly leave the site. Google will take notice, as will the user, who will be unlikely to trust the site again the next time it appears in the SERP.

Use long-tail keywords that are related to the same search intent

Adding some related KWs can sometimes be decisive in increasing our SERP CTRs. We recommend that you check the URL’s impressions in Google Search Console. It is possible that you overlooked the opportunity to include some terms with many searches, causing our URL to appear in the SERP.

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However, we must be careful because including KWs from another search intent that is already covered by another URL in the SERP may result in cannibalization between the two URLs.

Implement structured data

Structured data assists users in describing the content of your website in the SERP itself, before they access our website, as a kind of preview. If our structured data is up to date, it can help us attract a higher CTR than websites that rank higher than us, and thus help us climb above them in the results. Online betting sites are a good example because they use structured data to show us which competitions we can bet on right now.

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Optimize sitelinks

Sitelinks are the additional blue links that appear in the SERP below our URL. These hyperlinks direct users to search-related pages that may be of interest to them. Which sitelinks appear on our website is entirely up to Google. However, if we believe that one of these sitelinks is inappropriate and may be harming our URL’s overall CTR, it may be time to reconsider the structure of our pages, internal links, and anchor texts.

Advanced software for CTR improvement

Do you operate in a highly competitive industry such as online gambling or adult content? Have you already implemented the aforementioned tips and suggestions but are looking for a competitive advantage? Contact us today for a demo of our advanced CTR improvement software.

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