Case STUDY 1:

International Expansion

We worked with an expanding service company for entrepreneurs. Previously one of the most prestigious companies of its type in local market rankings, it was able to move forward and expand internationally.


1) Establish an effective link building plan and a strategy to achieve growth in new markets.

2) Increase corporate online presence in target countries.


We began by carrying out studies of market niches in the different target markets. Next, we deliver a premium-level strategy combining link building, media appearances and backlink spy techniques using bespoke tools. As a result, the client achieved more than seventy keywords on the first page of Google search results in various European countries, exceeded KPI objectives and – importantly – gained competitive advantage.

After creating quality content and an efficient editorial strategy, we established a publication calendar based on the most relevant keywords for the topics. For this, we used tools to predict user search terms with accuracy. Consequently, appearances in search engine results pages (SERPs) increased significantly.

Case study 2:

Link building for agencies

The client had been working with a French SEO agency and had wanted to outsource link building for months, but had not been able to find a company that was able to provide quality private link solutions with real traffic on a global scale. We worked with them and today, take care of more than thirty of their clients. 




We begin by analysing data and ideas to explore opportunities and new angles for each of the clients. We designed and implemented an editorial and link building strategy after hours of monitoring social media and investigating search trends. Next, the focus moved to acquiring new media connections, content writers and influencers in three different languages.

For two years, we worked with the client agency to deliver a four-fold increase in website traffic. Impressively, organic lead acquisition grew 550 per cent by the end of 2018.


1) Create a content and publication strategy for more than fifteen clients.

2) Contact media professionals and establish relationships in three different countries and ten or more different fields.

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