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The main challenge of any digital project is to stand out among the massive competition that exists on the Internet these days. Especially in the case of e-commerce, where factors like CTR, ROI, and conversion become absolutely essential. This turns into a challenging task if you do not have enough time or the necessary mechanisms to conduct an in-depth analysis of the project’s current situation.

This reason led us to the client we’re introducing to you today, who was unable to figure out why all of its traffic came from the home page. We are dealing with an online store of health and wellness products with several locations in Australia and various Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan. We are facing a current situation where their product pages go almost unnoticed and the website categorization does not generate them significant traffic.

When we first started working together, we discovered that, while there are no magic formulas in SEO, the ideal approach is to begin by studying which series of keywords are positioned in each url of a website along with their ranking in the SERPs.This way, we can ensure an accurate diagnosis.


To this end, Interamplify conducted a Market Reach, a strategic document that our expert SEO team prepares after performing a Looker and which serves to scan the situation of our client’s currently positioned organic keywords.
It is a study that we apply to all of our clients’ SEO and Link Building projects, allowing us to distinguish ourselves from any other positioning service.

To accomplish this, we extract data from tools such as Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming or Sistrix, cross-reference it in spreadsheets under the supervision of technicians, and then display it in tables or graphs for the client’s easy-to-read view.

This has enabled us to prove to our client:

  • The traffic and positioning opportunities that keywords (even the ones left unused) in any industry can generate you, especially what is considered YMYL, due to certain limiting factors, such as a lack of time or dedication to this task from the brand itself.
  • The margin for improvement displayed by the project using real data, where we show the difference between keywords ranked in the Top 100 and those that could be reached with the respective search volume.
  • Provide the client with a solid and realistic keyword strategy which cimbines Search Intent and project-relevant keywords, including achievable, short and medium-term goals.

We exemplify by this client how we calculated the SEO business opportunities for a health e-commerce.

Take advantage of this study to analyze the distribution of keywords per page

First of all, we check on which Google pages the client’s keywords are distributed in terms of ranking difficulty.

In this case, and as shown in the image, we can clearly see at a quick glance that we have the opportunity to rank for terms with a simple level of difficulty, because a significant proportion of the keywords are categorized as Easy, making them “easy to access” within the SERPs. This becomes the first goal to achieve and begin working on the e-commerce project.

Detect traffic opportunities

After implementing the proposed SEO On Page improvements, and based on the estimated results, our client has a traffic opportunity of approximately 48,000 visits, a figure that contrasts with its current records, which average around 6000 visits:

Realistically, covering 100% of this search volume is extremely complicated in terms of SEO, since other factors such as CTR, ADS results, etc.,must be considered. However, the chances of attracting new users are increased up to eightfold.

Position Buckets will provide you with additional benefits

We can precisely identify the position blocks with the highest percentage of benefit by segmenting the keywords based on their position within the SERPs. For our client, we only need to observe that the keywords in blocks 3 and 4 provide the most benefit in terms of search volume, and thus are the most likely to bring a large amount of real traffic and prospective clients to the business.

These are the main conclusions

  • With a market reach, we can determine the viability of any international project’s business opportunities based on both the keywords that are currently being used, as well as others which have not been applied yet. In this case, we were capable of evaluating the health of a website that, despite being present in countries such as Singapore and Australia, only stood out for its home page.
    The following were the study’s main findings:
    Users’ searches are primarily branded,since:
  • These searches are associated with a single URL, which points to the Home page.
  • As a result, the project is dependent on your company name and home page.
  • Transactional pages, such as product or category pages, are squandering business opportunities.
  • Informative content, such as blog posts, is also not highlighted.
    The preceding point occurs as a consequence of an inability to capitalize on the potential of secondary words or long tails, for example.

If, like our client, you have a project for which you want to monetize traffic generated by keywords relevant to your business and industry, we can (and we’d be delighted to) help you!

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