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SEO Analysis for Wimbledon 2022 tournament in Florida



That SEO opportunities arise and you must know how to capitalize on them is a statement that no longer needs to be explained in order to understand the significance of good organic positioning. Use of events that, due to their temporary nature, do not have a long duration but generate large amounts of searches in a few days or weeks is a clear example of a perfect opportunity to attract potential traffic.

To further explain this concept, we have drawn attention to the Wimbledon celebration, which has had a significant impact on users’ queries in recent weeks.

At Interamplify, we used this topic to create a content and link building strategy for our client, a Florida-based distributor of streaming sports content. Stay with us, this is important to you!

The relevance of search queries in your content

Search queries are an important factor to consider when developing your content strategy. The queries related to your keywords will offer you a great amount of information, which will allow you to refine your keyword selection in order to develop content that really fits the users’ search intent. This is significant because the more you respond to the actual needs of consumers, the more likely they are to browse your site and make an inquiry or purchase a product. This will boost your natural CTR and get you ranked among the top results without any additional effort.

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As previously stated, our client is a sports streaming distributor based in Miami (Florida), so when major events take place, we get to work with their related content strategy. As expected, prior to the final match, we noticed that very interesting search peaks related to this Grand Slam began to occur in the Florida territory. You can check it out in the graphs below:

Google Trens'd chart from Wimbledon tournament in Florida
Google Trends’ chart from Wimbledon search term in Florida
Google Trends' chart from Wimbledon 2022 search term in Florida
Google Trends’ chart from Wimbledon 2022 search term in Florida

Wimbledon was held between June 27 and July 10, so the increase in related queries skyrocketed between these two days, reaching increasingly higher peaks as the date of the final dispute approached, with figures such as a 2650 % increase in Google searches in less than a month.

Google Trends' chart: search queries from Wimbledon search term
Search queries from Wimbledon at Google Trends

We recommend that you examine the questions that users ask in relation to your search term on a regular basis, as indicated by Google’s People Also Ask functionality. Here’s what we found when searching for “wimbledon 2022”:

People Also Ask from Wimbledon 2022 search at Google

It is a good indicator for extracting users’ true needs and focusing them as long tail keywords. These are very specific questions, and in most cases you can use them as content headings h1, h2, h3, etc. to position the answers.
For example, prior to the final, we wrote a blog post for our client in which we answered questions such as:

  • Who is playing in the final of Wimbledon 2022?
  • What is the prize money for Wimbledon 2022?
  • Who has won theWimbledon finals until 2022?
  • Where can I watch the Wimbledon 2022 Final?

Novak Djokovic, the king of Wimbledon on Google

The final match of the oldest tennis tournament, which is held every year in the London city of Wimbledon, has special relevance in the search term analysis, because the highest increases correspond to the date of celebration or the previous days.

There is always a query associated with this type of event that should be analyzed and for which you should prepare content in advance. It is the results or scores, because a posteriori is the most common search and that users perform repeatedly in the following days.

Wimbledon Scores Search Term Google Trends Chart
Wimbledon Scores 2022 chart

But, unquestionably, the query for which we needed to be prepared was the following. Look at this graph to see how much interest there was in one of the finalists, the unbeatable Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, which has gone viral in 24 hours. The winner of the final is a one-day breakout trend in Google Trends:

We didn’t want to wait for these results because it had happened before, so we decided to go ahead. We searched Ahrefs for keywords related to Novak Djokovic and found the following results:

Keywords related for Novak Djokovic on Ahrefs

If you work in your company’s SEO, you’re probably used to seeing this panel and assuming that these are high-competition, difficult-to-position terms. But what if we look at other related terms that are more specific, have less competition, and allow you to create content that ranks higher:

Long tail keywords for Novak Djokovic on Ahrefs

Use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer feature to look up keyword combinations that are relevant to your project and get ideas for terms that you can rank for with original content.

These results, for example, assisted us in preparing a good biographical article on Djokovic that would answer timeless questions and could be used regardless of whether he won the final or not.

To position it ahead of time, we simply selected some media from our Self Service platform with higher domain authority than our client’s, so that the first ones transferred enough authority and Google understood that the content they linked to was of sufficient quality or importance at the time for its spider to stop and crawl the site.

Self Service dashboard for webs with domain authority webs

Remember that the backlinks you obtain should be as natural as possible in order to avoid Google penalizing you for black hat practices. In our case, the more than 9000 media willing to link to our client’s content are all directly related to the site’s theme.



We want to highlight two key ideas that have become Interamplify’s mantra. First, seize opportunities that can benefit your brand to create original, high-quality, and innovative content for users that addresses their real needs and is easily recommendable or shareable.

Finally, ensure that your content is backed up by a solid link building strategy. Don’t leave backlink creation to chance; there are numerous techniques for getting other publishers to link to your content, such as guest blogging, broken links, or press releases for the media to link to your content.

To make things even easier, you can use our platform or contact us to make a media proposal in which they publish content about your website.

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