Case Study: How We Boosted Scarlett Johansson KW For Forbes

Ranking natural URLs for difficult keywords is no easy task, let alone when we talk about such competitive searches as, for example, the name of the famous American actress ‘Scartlett Johansson’, searched on Google by 1.1 million people every month. It seems like an impossible mission, right? The good news is that we have already […]

This is the New Link Building Scenario for 2021

Google has proved us right Backlinks with traffic position more effectively Google has just confirmed it: from May 2021, the page experience will have more relevance when positioning content. It has done so in a new statement released this Tuesday, November 10. In it, Google emphasized again that the user experience will be key in positioning content and that […]

How to Make the Perfect Content Strategy

As you probably know, now the way the reader interacts with the content sends “signals” to Google, so if he thought your article was interesting and he’s been around long enough, or if he’s clicked on one of your links to keep learning about the subject because he trusts you as an expert, Google’s radar […]

How to sell more through your blog in 2020

A blog is one of the best marketing tools for your business. And the key to creating quality content for your blog is not the fun or freedom you can offer by writing the pieces of content you want, no. The key to success is in selling more thanks to your articles, which will position yourself […]


I think all of us who work on the Internet agree on one thing: making a link building strategy and carrying it out is the most tedious thing to do to improve your online positioning. And also the most useful. But it’s definitely very, very tedious. In fact, it is so much work if you […]