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We have created our own dashboard system that allows you to monitor and control the content optimization process from start to finish

Own technology and dashboard system

Monitor and control the content optimization process

Completely transparent service

This is a completely transparent service, in which the data and conclusions are provided to us by the actual analysis performed by the various APIs and software that we connect to our internal tool, and which we use to carry out the subsequent changes.

Real time, simple and intuitive dashboards

At a glance, you’ll be able to check the status of your content, which may only require optimization or may also involve copywriting and will progress through various stages until completed.

This first panel provides a global view, with each stage’s button activated when the SEO manager marks the previous task as completed. You can also see all of the content you’re working on as well as other interesting and up-to-date information.

At the end, once the optimized content has been provided, you will be able to track it and even download it for use in reports.

Your content progresses through various stages

Which are unlocked in real time as the SEO Manager completes each task.
As a result, you will be able to consult each stage individually as they become available.


At a glance, you’ll be able to check the status of your content, which may only require optimization or may also involve copywriting and will progress through various stages until completed.

Process stages

You can navigate using the buttons when a new stage is unlocked

The data associated with the main and secondary keywords, internal linking, and even forbidden words are filled in during the briefing

The SEO team must accept and validate this document and, if modifications are required, send a counter-briefing to the client with the indications that the technicians value in the strategy to achieve the defined objectives.

If the client rejects our team’s counter-proposal, we can proceed with the original document, but we will always bear the client’s responsibility for the results.

Data Analysis

In the following phase of data analysis, we connect the best SEO APIs to our internal software to extract objective data from the client ‘s URL content analysis. This allows us to determine which optimizations we need to carry out in order to make the content strictly adhere to Google’s ranking requirements.

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The client receives a summary of the data provided by these tools about its URL, which our technology transforms and displays in tables and graphs for managers to gain a visual understanding of the process.

Our tool generates graphs from data. Here are a few examples

We can analyze your landing intent as the following example

And we convert this data into graphs


This graph displays whether or not your headings meet the search intent, as well as the percentage improvement.



This tool gives you access to a large database of experts in any subject you can think of, as well as quality content written by native authors. We display a preview of the optimized content so that you can check how users will find you in search results.

Pre-view your Google-optimized content to see how users will find you in the SERPs


Interactive Analysis

Finally, the software generates an interactive document with all of the adjustments implemented, in which the client can use buttons to activate or deactivate specific optimizations. Selectors can also be used to view all of them at once or the original document.
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The various groups of optimizations are distinguished by a distinct color, allowing the client to conduct a quick visual tour. This classification categorizes elements such as keywords (main, secondary, related, and semantic), linking (internal and external), and headings (number and type). In addition to recording new content, it is also possible to view deleted or restructured content.

Everything you need to know about the content optimization tool


Premium Service

This is a premium service, which is performed entirely from a single platform. The resulting optimized content resolves the user ‘s search intent for the selected keyword.


Transparent process

Increases the number of keywords that can be ranked in SERPs. For the client, the process is transparent from start to finish.

Simple, reliable and accurate dasboard system 

The dashboard system is simple, reliable, and accurate in terms of data extraction, and it enables process monitoring.

Innovative software technology

It is the proper method for adapting content better and faster than competitors. It enables the company to keep up with Google content updates in an efficient manner while avoiding penalties or crashes.


Connected to
profesional APIs

It is developed with our own, innovative software technology and connected to professional APIs.

Time saving

Allows for significant time savings and better economic resource distribution. The single interactive document allows for personalized consultation of all changes/optimizations.


Task execution status in real time

Enables the review of task execution status in real time, individually or globally.

SEO team manually monitors the service

It is developed with our own, innovative software technology and connected to professional APIs.
This final document guarantees you have hired a transparent SEO tool. All changes are registered so that you can check and compare them with the original proposed content.


Each campaign takes a month to be conducted, and the online searches included will be performed during that time.

It depends on the specific package you choose. Take a look at the different options we offer, check the number of searches included, and apply for the campaign that best suits your aims.