Álex Navarro joins the international team of Interamplify as CMO

The recognized SEO Álex Navarro joins the international team of Interamplify as a new CMO

The Interamplify family just keeps expanding and becoming larger. We are very happy to announce the incorporation of the great Álex Navarro to our team, who is undoubtedly one of the mostenowned figures in the Spanish-speaking SEO community.

The recruitment has taken place following negotiations that have been conducted by both parties over several months.

As a result of the agreement, Álex Navarro becomes a shareholder of Interamplify and will also be our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Álex Navarro: a remarkable SEO with an outstanding career path

A well-known professional, Álex Navarro combines his activity as an SEO Consultant in important companies around the world with his own personal projects. He is also the co-founder of Quondos, one of the first online training platforms for Digital Marketing, and also teaches at several universities and business schools.

Creator of vivirdelared.com, one of the first portals dedicated to free SEO education, Alex started in this sector more than 15 years ago, when SEO was not so popular as it is today. And much less in Spain and Latin America.

Born in Germany, he was raised and grew up. Álex studied at university in the United States, where he began feeding off the SEO that was beginning to show its head in leading markets such as Germany and the Anglo-Saxon. He speaks four languages perfectly (Spanish, German, English and Italian).

A widely endorsed SEO expert Through much research and experimentation, he has been unravelling the secrets and evolution of Google’s algorithms, becoming a recognized expert in the field, whose genius and professionalism has been endorsed by such important media as El Mundo, El País or the Huffington Post, among many others.

To his credit, he has opened up SEO to thousands and thousands of people in Spain and Latin America and was one of the first to have no fear of explaining, unveiling and sharing all his tricks and strategies in a sector where secrecy prevailed.

All this has earned him a legion of loyal followers on both sides of the pond that has only increased over the years, strengthening his reputation as one of the best SEOs in the Spanish-speaking world.

Curious by nature and an avid consumer of metrics, Alex has definitely turned his passion for the Internet in his work. And, aware that SEO is a very changing sector that does not allow relaxation, he has his own laboratory, where he constantly tests new techniques and strategies to master SERPs.

We are, therefore, very happy with this great signing, and we are convinced that we could not wish for a better travel companion, since Álex fits perfectly into our philosophy of a young international company, with extensive experience and, above all, with an innovative vocation that leads us to always be one step ahead.