Link Building Case Study

#1 Electronic invoicing and accounting systems company

Service duration: October 2022 to the present


To date, the project has been experiencing steady and gradual growth. However, the client challenged us to break free from this current growth trajectory and achieve a more remarkable upward trend that could close the gap with its main competitors

The project had achieved considerable success and established a strong presence in the highly competitive US market. However, despite initial efforts, the same level of impact could not be replicated in the Mexican market with the same link building strategy.

One of the key contributing factors to the performance issue was the presence of a mixed search intent within the content, which lacked a cohesive supporting cluster to facilitate internal authority flow.

The Mexican market presented a number of unique challenges, including adjusting and optimising the search intent, usability and closing the authority gap with more established competitors. In addition, overcoming the traffic plateau and breaking the glass ceiling that had been in place for several months were key objectives.


Analysis of the backlink profile in relation to key competitors and target markets: a preliminary assessment of the backlink profile is carried out to determine its status in relation to the competition.
Disavow any toxic links that may be detrimental to the website’s reputation and search performance.
A new annual link building strategy is created, focusing on niche relevant guest posts, editorial links and industry-specific websites along with a press release.
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Emphasis is placed on branded anchor text and the use of semantic partial match keywords to specifically improve target URLs. The main emphasis of the strategy lies not in just acquiring more referring domains (RD) but rather in building natural looking links and creating brand mentions that generate buzz around the portal as well as increasing offpage signals that improve trust from Google and relevance by leveraging sites that revolve around the main topic and shoulder niche topics such as finance, accounting, tax legislation, tools and software, customer management, personal finance or economics.

Existing content optimisation through a comprehensive study of the search intent. This ensures that the content is aligned with the specific needs and expectations of the target audience.
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We also did an audit of related search intents (informational and transactional), followed by supporting content, the creation of new URLs and the optimization of internal linking to improve the overall user experience and search engine visibility that could ultimately boost the topical authority of the site.


Significant results began to manifest once we completed the full cluster implementation in March. While the disavow and the new link building strategy were proving effective, the creation of topical authority also played a crucial role in naturally increasing organic visibility.

1. Organic Traffic

The initial traffic was at 330k with slight keyword losses up until January 2023. However, after implementing changes in content, new keywords were introduced while irrelevant keywords were eliminated. As a result, traffic increased to 600k and peaked at around 650k, representing an increase of approximately 97% in site organic’s traffic.

2. Referring Domains

The linking velocity also increased due to the influx of all the different types of links that the site started to acquire thanks to the strategies described above. Everything was justified and followed the natural course of the Internet, therefore avoiding leaving any footprint that Google could consider as unnatural. Currently the number of referring domains is 733.

3. Organic Keywords

The site successfully increased its visibility, almost doubling the amount of keywords ranking for and going from 3k in the top 1-3 positions to 5.8k keywords (+96% increase). The most notable change became evident in May 2023, right after the April 23 Google Core Update, marking a pivotal turning point in our progress.

4. DR Increase

The project initially started with a DR that fluctuated between 26-30 points and has since increased to an impressive score of 43. Our objective is to reach a classification of 50 points by the end of the year, demonstrating substantial growth and surpassing our initial goals.

5. Traffic Value

According to Ahrefs, the project began with a value of $53k and has experienced a significant increase, currently reaching a value of $66k. This growth demonstrates a remarkable appreciation of approximately 24% in the project’s overall value.

6. Cluster Growth

The newly created clusters, the added supporting content and the improvement of the topical authority resulted in an increase of 80-100k in organic traffic, excluding other clusters and the homepage.

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