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Amidst a digital landscape saturated with SEO, tracking competitor links has become both tedious and time-consuming

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Interamplify’s revolutionary Backlink Spy service is designed to liberate you from the shackles of exhaustive link monitoring, saving you time and money. Our analyses are updated weekly.

Distinctive Advantage

We strategically select the most potent links ripe for replication within our vast database of publishers, combining them with others that the competition lacks and could be relevant to your strategy.

Unmatched exclusivity

Embrace the exclusivity that comes with this service, reserved solely for clients who entrust us with their monthly strategy, enabling us to build a database of over 250,000 content publishers spanning 36 languages and across 100 countries.

An Infallible Method Based on 5 steps:


Using top-tier professional SEO and link-building tools, we meticulously dissect your link profile to unveil insights critical for strategic enhancement.

We perform a global competitive landscape examination, scrutinizing the link profiles of your direct competitors. Parameters include: backlinks, authority metrics, referring domains, keywords, traffic patterns, geolocation specifics, update frequencies, and more.
We execute a precision combat plan, strategically securing the most valuable backlinks from your competitors and target the keywords you are most interested in.
Elevating the game, we delve deeper to obtain powerful links absent from your competitors’ portfolios, which will catapult to the top of the SERPs.

Our approach reaches its peak with the Backlink Traffic System, guaranteeing that your link-containing URLs and landing pages receive 100% organic traffic, enhancing their authenticity and boosting your digital presence.

Gain a Strategic Edge
Envision the meticulous effort required for a DIY approach. Our competitive advantage is unequivocal, sparing you from the intricate and time-intensive process.
Unparalleled Cost Savings
The cost of doing it independently would incur astronomical costs, but this service comes at no additional cost to our select Interamplify clients.

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