How to rank a website for 25,000 keywords
with advanced Linkbuilding strategies

In case you had any doubts… Linkbuilding WORKS. OR, better said, our advanced linkbuilding strategies work and they work VERY WELL. We`ll show you!

This is how we have managed to position a newly created website for close to 25,000 organic keywords in less than a year and in virtually all Spanish-speaking countries. 

Let´s start from the beginning:


✔️ This is a totally new international niche website that started in February 2019.

✔️ In a very short time, it has achieved exponential traffic growth, as you can see in the graph.

✔️ It has only had a small drop in traffic very occasionally, caused by a change in Google’s algorithm related to SEO On Page factors, nothing to do with the links. In any case, we have managed to reverse it and that fall is already going up, as you can see..

✔️ In order to position it, we have exclusively used our own advanced Linkbuilding strategies, which we will talk about in detail below and which we also offer to our clients at Interamplify.

✔️ Currently, this website is very well positioned in practically all Spanish speaking countries.


And now, once you have seen the results, let’s see how we have achieved them.


The success in ranking this website is due in first place to our IMPOSSIBLE LINKS strategy.

Links that nobody has at the moment and that we are able to get from maximum authority domains of maximum authority, such as government pages, prestigious universities and other TOP sites.

ATTENTION! The links are 100% legal and penalty proof, just like all of our Linkbuilding strategies. There’s no hacking or code injection. We are creative and what we do is look for formulas that allow us to get those links from areas with content, either on the main domain or in the subdomains of the site itself.


To strengthen the power of these impossible links, we have employed another of our strategies: POWER & AUTHORITY INJECTION.

Applying a linkbuilding strategy by levels, we have used TIER 2 links. In other words, we have created links that point to the most powerful URLs that already contain a backlink to our website.

What we achieve with this is to multiply the strength of that outgoing link to our website.

IMPORTANT! We also create these TIER 2 links on high authority sites to inject the maximum possible strength to those URLs that are already linking to us. The importance of these links isn´t less, just because they are not directly pointing to our website. In fact, they are high quality links


Another tactic we have used is content viralization, in order to let Google know that our links and our websites are relevant and deserve to be ranked.

And how have we done this?

With our own traffic generation software that simulates the perfect user experience both on our site and through social networks and promotes the interactions necessary to let Google know that the content is becoming viral and many people like it.


We had already mentioned it, but the best thing is that these strategies are tested against competitors.  

Not only do we use impossible links that no one can get, but they can’t be copied either.

Up to 90% of the links we have created to rank this page for almost 25,000 organic keywords, cannot be tracked. Neither the links, nor the domains.

Any competitor who tries to analyse the links we have created for this website will not be able to do so. SEO tools you will only be able to show 10% of them. Therefore, they will not be able to replicate them.

This case study is not an isolated case, far from it. We do it every day with our clients all over the world, as these are strategies, we use to rank brands, businesses and websites of all kinds in any country in the world and in any language.

Express ranking and traffic, with high quality impossible links, penalty and competitor proof.

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