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If you need to implement content, SEO and link building campaigns in different countries, you will find that the process is complex and requires a significant investment in time and money.

It is a fact that digital projects need to grow steadily to bear fruit. More than ever, time is money, and spending hours creating content, negotiating publications and implementing strategies in multiple languages does not help.

Moreover, what works in a single country doesn’t necessarily give results in another. Every market is different, and so is the way to grow online and negotiate.

What would be ideal in these cases?

  • Having a team of professionals who work in diverse countries, are specialized in international strategies and know their way around.
  • Having a large contact network –active professionals in each of your target countries who can implement your strategic actions on-site and gain natural, valuable backlinks in relevant media for your audience.
  • This contact network should also be constantly growing so that is creates new opportunities.
  • Leave content creation in the hands of native writers, who are able to develop texts in the languages you need according to your target audience’s culture.
  • Apply proven SEO techniques adapted to your sector and market, as they will give you an advantage over your competitors in the SERPs of your interest and rank your website effectively.
  • Execute the actions designed for each country in a simple way, following intuitive processes.
  • Monitor the progress of the different campaigns and keep track of their status in real time.
  • Automate the generation of reports and obtain them in one click, whether it is for your brand itself or for your clients.

All this is what we help our clients achieve.

We implement branded content, SEO and link building campaigns in different countries and markets for brands that have international interests. And we do it thanks to an extensive network of high-quality contacts that we have built over time and effort.

What we’ve been doing is simple: we’ve been helping brands save time by connecting them with active content creators in over 100,000 digital media, websites, and blogs around the world, and reinforcing these strategies with SEO techniques tailored to the different markets where our clients plan to grow their business.

For years, we have provided this service privately. Now, we want to make it even easier, so that you have access to all of this in just a few clicks.

How? Easy: with our Self-Service platform.

Our secret to success in multiple countries, now available in a Self-Service format

We are delighted to introduce our new platform. It has been conceived as a solution for agencies, startups and digital brands that aim to have more presence in the SERPs of different countries, and after hard work and dedication, it is now ready for you to try it out. 

In its dashboards, we make accessible our network of publishers and content creators from all over the world, as well as our most exclusive SEO campaigns and techniques, with the possibility of monitoring all processes and generating reports in a simple and intuitive way.

And that’s not the best part.

The best thing is that behind the scenes there are real people –professionals who manage and implement all the processes with the commitment of truly assisting you and personally answering any questions you may have along the way.

Read on to find out what features we have prepared and how they can help you smooth the way.

Alternatively, if you prefer, log in and take a look around! You are more than welcome to experience our self-service first-hand and become a part of our community without any obligation.


These are the features we have prepared for you

These are the different sections, services and tools that you have available in our platform.

However, this is a living platform, so stay tuned –there will be new services and features, and we will pay attention to new needs and respond to them.

In the meantime, this is what you will find:

Access thousands of publishers in any country from your Self-Service

In your Self-Service panel you will be able to order publications from websites all over the world that match your requirements.

You have thousands to choose from! These are real media, with native journalists, bloggers, and editors to which you will be able to access in just a few clicks.

You only have to follow three simple steps:

  1. Apply filters with your requirements. You can indicate budget, country, language, metrics, thematic category and local traffic, among other options.
  2. Choose the media that best fit what you are looking for and add them to your cart.
  3. Complete a briefing with the content and backlink you need, or upload your own article already written. Our managers will get your publication up and running.

In addition, you will be able to follow the status of your publications at all times, approve the content before publication, and request any modifications you find necessary. 

This is how you can quickly and easily publish quality content in the media of the profile you require in your target countries.

All you have to do is place your order. The rest is our job.

Organize your orders by projects, as well as by brands or clients

We know that organization is key when launching parallel campaigns in various countries, especially when working for different clients or brands.

That’s why we’ve ensured that you can organize your publications by orders from the very beginning, as well as by clients or brands.

As a result, you will be able to make the most of your dashboard filters to locate publications and campaigns, review your order history, and generate the reports you need.

Obtain reports on your actions

From your Reports section you will be able to filter your activity by client or brand, as well as by country of implementation, language, status and date, among others. One click is all it takes to export the data in a PDF, CSV or Excel report; whichever works best for you.

In addition, you can customize these reports with your logo or an identifying name, or simply download them with Interamplify’s corporate image, as you prefer!

We want it to be a useful tool for you, and we want you to be able to use it as a white label if necessary.

Request the sites you are missing. Our team will work to add them to your dashboards.

Would you like to publish in a specific media, or would you like to have access to more websites of a certain type?

No worries! Send your request with the media you require, and our team will do its best to negotiate a publication and add them to our network.

You can make your request in two ways:

  1. Send the domains of the exact sites you need. We will inform you of those that are on our database and take care of contacting the rest.
  2. Indicate what characteristics you are looking for (country, metrics, theme, etc.). We will find selected media that fit the profile you require.

As soon as your request is ready, you will receive feedback from our team and be able to both browse your new media and add publications to your cart.

Forget about contacting media in different languages! Take advantage of our network and let us negotiate for you.

Get quality content from native writers –in over 35 languages!

In your Buy Content section, you can place content orders, approve them as soon as they are ready, and download them for your use.

Blog articles, texts for your website, sales landing pages, content to publish… You only have to fill in a simple briefing indicating the following:

  • Title (the writer can create if needed)
  • Delivery date
  • Length in number of words
  • Links and anchors, in case your text must have links
  • Language
  • Sample articles, if you would like the writer to use similar content as a reference
  • Your comments with any indications you find useful and relevant

We will take care of the rest.

As soon as your texts are written, you will be able to review them, request any necessary adjustments, and approve them before downloading. Easy and simple.

You will no longer have to manage content in various languages or search for the most competent copywriters. It’s all just a few clicks away from you!

Take advantage of our advanced briefings to make your content TOP

Do you need to take your content to the next level? Make use of our advanced briefings, and our managers will optimize your texts using tools such as Semrush, Ubbersuggest, Buzzsumo, Answer the public or Statista.

How will you benefit from using these tools?

  • Enrich your texts with relevant related keywords
  • Respond to their Google online searches
  • Use trendy approaches to improve your article’s engagement
  • Complement your content with data and infographics to improve its quality

You have different types of briefings and combinations of tools to choose from. Pick yours and make your texts stand out.

Just tell us how you need your content. We will provide the time, the optimization and the tools.

Boost your links with Backlink Traffic campaigns

It is no secret that, when it comes to ranking content, traffic is one of the main ranking factors.

We know it well: in our SEO Lab, we perform traffic optimization tests all the time. And we have proven that, when it comes to backlinks, if they gain natural traffic that also generates clicks to the linked website, the algorithm favors the latter in the SERPs, resulting in an increase in CTR.

Why do we tell you this?

Because we offer a private Backlink Traffic service for our clients –monthly campaigns of geolocalized and natural traffic that offers a safe, penalty-free strategy to boost the rankings of any website in any country.

And now, you can access these campaigns in your self-service platform.

All you have to do is choose the pack that best suits you, indicate which backlinks you need to boost, and set your campaign in motion.

We will activate it, and you will be able to monitor the visits received and consult all your data in your control panels during the whole process.

An exclusive and advanced strategy that produces results and that will boost both your publications and your website.

Benefit from our SERPTOPIA software

In addition to Backlink Traffic campaigns, you will also have access to diverse Traffic optimization services that we offer thanks to our SERPTOPIA software.

It is a proprietary software in which, after extensive research, we have managed to integrate AI and machine learning. This allows us to detect and generate the appropriate ranking signals needed to position your website in the geographic areas you need.

These are just some of the SERPTOPIA services you will have available:

  • Branded Searches –campaigns to reinforce your branded keywords and boost your brand authority in the SERPs.
  • Author Searches, to improve the authority of your writers and your website alike with the right searches.
  • Optimized Ranking Signals that will allow you to climb positions in the SERPs with SEO based on the signals that Google looks for and detects.
  • Search Box Optimization, to optimize your keywords in Google Suggest and attract more visits from your prospects.

On the self-service platform, you will be able to request all the information you need, set up the campaigns you want, and improve your rankings with these exclusive proven techniques.

Backlink Spy: Find out what link building strategy your competitors are following and take action to outrank them.


Would you like to know how your competitors are building their backlinks? On our platform, you will be able to check what strategy they are employing, compare it with your own and take strategic measures to improve your link profile.

You will only have to follow three steps:

  1. Send the domains of your competitors.
  2. Get a graphical analysis of their backlink profile compared to yours.
  3. If needed, request publications in the media where your competitors are getting backlinks, as well as in media of the profile you need. Simply contact your manager and consider it done.

With the data we will gather for you, you will be able to discover your competitors’ strategy at a glance, and you will have the measures at your fingertips.

Access other exclusive advanced services

The platform also gives access to other services that are simply exclusive and can be unlocked.

You will be able to request information at any time and incorporate the different techniques and campaigns that we can implement for you. And the same applies for our managed service, a platform for premium users with a series of advantages that may interest you. 

Simply contact your Project Manager, who is always just a message away, and you will be kept up to date on everything.

And this is how you can simplify your online campaigns and start saving time and resources.

We have already seen what features the platform includes, but what will it be like to work with them?

How will your journey through the platform be and how will it help you simplify your processes?

Here you can find it out step by step:

1. Easily open an account


Open the registration tab, fill in your details and submit your request. It will only take a few seconds, and as soon as our managers validate your account, you will be enjoying a hands-on experience with no obligation whatsoever!

We would love for you to come in, take a walk through your sections and see for yourself how they can help you.

2. Count on your Project Manager

As soon as you sign up on our platform, you will be assigned a Project Manager who will manage your orders, attend to your requests, and answer your questions whenever you need it.

If you have any doubts, are not sure about how to take advantage of a specific feature, or you simply need to contact us for any reason, just visit your ‘Talk with us’ section.

There you will find three contact options: a chat, a panel to submit queries, and a calendar where you can arrange a meeting with your Project Manager by the means you prefer (Skype, Meets, phone call…).

We want to be there for you!

3. Place your orders and take advantage of our services

Do you need to get backlinks in several countries? Simply open your web panel, filter the media according to your requirements, and order your publications.

Would you like to strengthen your links and get more traffic? Take a look at your Backlink Traffic packs.

Do you want to discover your competitors’ strategy? Submit your request and your manager will upload your results in the Backlink Spy section.

Do you just want quality content? You have options to choose from, both in Buy Content and your Advanced Briefings section.

Whatever you require, the process is very simple:

  • Add balance to your account. To make the purchase of our services as easy as possible, you will only have to add balance so that you can buy directly from the platform. Every time you make a deposit, an invoice will be generated automatically, and you will be able to always download and consult it in your Billing section.
  • Place a new order from the service you need and add it to your cart. As soon as you checkout, your manager will receive it and set your order in motion.
  • Follow the status of your orders from the corresponding sections, as well as from your Activity Status tab.
  • Check your history and download reports with results whenever you need them.

The process is intuitive, and you will have tutorials and texts at your disposal that will guide you at any time.

4. Monitor everything

In your different sections, and especially in the Activity Status tab, you will be able to check the status of your orders in real time, approve your contents, review the requested modifications, and be aware of any updates.

You will also have access to the SERPTOPIA panels, where you will be able to see all the data of the search and traffic optimization campaigns you set up.

5. Reinforce your links with extra services

Have you launched a publishing campaign in various countries, or have you released the TOP content you had ordered for your website? Perfect! Now you can improve your results even more with a Backlinks Traffic campaign, or with any of the SEO services at your disposal.

Just take a look at your sections, ask your Project Manager or even arrange a meeting to see which of our techniques best suit your projects and goals alike.

6. Visit your history and download your reports


Your campaigns for this month are now closed. What can you do to take stock?

Very easy: go to your History tab to see at a glance a summary of your publications data (linked URLs, types of anchors used, titles of the published articles…). And go to your Reports section to download a report with the actions carried out, either for you, one of your brands or a client.

Simply apply the filters, customize the report with your corporate image or an identifying name, and export your document in the format of your choice.

You are deciding on a platform. Why choose ours?


Now that you have seen what features we have prepared, you may be wondering why to choose our platform and not any other service.

In case it helps you decide, here are some reasons:

  • We don’t work with our own sites. All the websites we offer are quality media belonging to active publishers in each country.
  • We show much more than DR, DA or traffic promises. The platform is set up so that you can access all of the information and request more specific data as needed.
  • You will have at your disposal our most creative and exclusive SEO techniques, developed in our SEO Lab and implemented by our experts. You will be able to learn about them and see their results.
  • You will feel at home. Behind every panel and service is our team, and your Project Manager will take care of everything you may need.

We have worked hard to make our service different; to print our style to a self-service platform that, above all, can facilitate your work and help you thrive in other countries in the easiest possible way.

Shall we join you on this journey?

Enter the platform, without any obligation


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