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Press release distribution service.

You will have more than 350 media outlets and more than 100,000 journalists at your disposal.

We Write Quality News

We work with copywriters, journalists and editors to produce quality news articles. The focus is on improving user experiences and SEO to boost search results.

Press Release Distribution Service

You will have more than 350 media channels and more than 100,000 journalists at your disposal


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Immediate Exposure

As soon as you accept written drafts and decide on the channels, the Interamplify team will present and circulate the content immediately

Control Panel With Results

You can view the status and progress of your articles and live press releases from your dashboard. In addition, we extract all the data you need, analyse the information obtained and propose solutions to your problems/needs in a visual way.


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We answer your questions

It is a dedicated and specialised channel, designed to distribute communications to a broad reader base and ensure that your business appears in the most important media.

We have an outstanding content writing team. After meeting you and getting to understand your point of view, we prepare the most appropriate news editorial piece(s) to suit your business

We publish only in top quality, well known and widely respected media. Unlike certain other distribution services and depending on your business, we can arrange publication in certain newspapers. To learn more, please contact us.

Yes, totally. The service is premium and completely exclusive, a la carte.

Much depends on the medium. As this service is bespoke, we would need to evaluate the requirements before providing a definite answer. Although links in press releases are usually no-follow, we have established meaningful connections and relationships with media professionals. On some occasions, therefore, we may be able to secure followable links.

Yes, of course. You will have access to a control panel where you can see all the new links, articles and the impact they are having on your website in real time, as well as insights and recommendations.

We have thousands of contacts with journalists and influencers around the world. As a global link-building agency, we are where you need us.

Please send us an email or call us. You will find further details on the contact page.

We are the only company that offers effective global link building solutions: we are where your client needs us to be.