white traffic

Did you know that more than 91% of the published content does not receive traffic? Even if you create a news item of great value, you don’t end up getting the visits you’d like to have. Finding a solution is not easy, and we have it! How? Literally, we have thousands of “colleagues” in each country collaborating with us to make it a reality.

From this point on, all the content and links that Interamplify obtains for you will have guaranteed traffic.


Next, we will explain our process to generate a content according to your needs that will receive guaranteed traffic and quality.

1. We locate the content

Once we know the needs of our clients, our collaborators generate original, interesting and attractive content for the thousands of digital media we work with. These contents, in the form of an article, will naturally include a link to any of your websites.

2. Generate Visits

Our system generates a private order with the aim that our friends around the world, make perfect visits interacting with our links and your websites.

3. Organic Traffic

The article will have an audience with a natural length of time stay. In this way the medium will be the main beneficiary, but not the only one. The click action will be executed in the anchor text that you yourself defined in the creation of the content. This way the traffic will end up arriving to your website, without Google seeing it as something strange.

Can you imagine the level of SEO you can achieve with this strategy?


No, Interamplify assumes the resources used in this strategy and will not add additional costs.

The Interamplify team searches for similar news that appear in each medium, analyzes them and makes an average of visits according to the natural volume of the medium. At the end of each campaign you will receive a detailed report with all the data.

We will work so that the contents receive visits during 10 or 30 days after its publication.

The visits are part of a strategy based on contacts and various communities, integrated into our work system. Take it as an extra.

No. Our visits are real and geolocalized. They are made from different ip addresses and different devices (desktop or smartphones), so they are 100% real in Google’s eyes. But you should keep in mind that this is not direct traffic, it is backlink traffic to increase the SEO factors of your strategy. Remember that Google does not penalize traffic that is not real, it simply ignores it.


Javier Gázquez:

“If some of your links get traffic, the news they link to you will be seen by Google as relevant content in which you are considered an expert. Therefore, your link will be within news and blog posts that will make you positively placed in the rankings. This position in the ranking could result in a multitude of qualified visitors, or what is the same, to obtain traffic in an organic way”.